‘More important issues than a bridge over a road’

SIR - I would like to write in defence of my husband, Mr David Ambrose, and attempt to address a few issues mentioned in the Sidmouth Herald dated October 22, 2010.

Firstly, my husband does not seek glory! He has no need or desire. He does, however, walk the streets, talking and listening to the people of the town. This was one of the reasons why he joined the Town Council, to help air the views of people in Sidmouth.

However, it was not to be and, due to a “lack of communication” and much frustration on his part, he was forced to resign and has not had any further dealings with this establishment. Talking and listening to many people in the town, what has become apparent is that there are more important issues that need addressing rather than a bridge over a road!

I do feel that, as outsiders, it is very important that the feelings and views of true Sidmothians should be taken into account when attempting major changes within the town, for they have a better knowledge and history of Sidmouth.

Therefore, I hope that this short letter has clarified some of the issues raised by Mr Wedderburn’s supporters and that an appropriate solution will be found as to the future of this issue and, above all, in the interests of all those who live in Sidmouth.

Linda A Ambrose

88 Temple Street, Sidmouth