More than words

Fifteen years ago I started a book club to remedy the fact that I had not been a reader of fiction, as I felt that my education was sadly lacking in this.

I haven’t regretted either the years before or after Book Club, as the former has allowed me to persuade old, now famous friends to come to Kennaway House. It also gave me the confidence to approach others.

Who would have thought after starting my book club that the Meet the Author evenings would have achieved so much over the last four years.

I was at a literary festival in Holland Park last year, when I read a big sign saying:


Surprise Delight Inform Educate Entertain Amuse Inspire Amaze Relax


Most Read

And if you need to experience any or all of these, then the answer is to read. Even very late in life I have found that to be true – even more so when authors actually tell me what their words are meant to convey.

I want to say a really big thank you to all of you who have supported me so well over the last four to five years.

I have made such a lovely lot of new friends here in Sidmouth and it has been a privilege to help Kennaway House, in any way I can, achieve the goals it set out to achieve when the restored house opened right on my doorstep.

I have been so ably supported by Di Bowerman, Gill Spence, Carol Ackroyd, Hazel Fastnege and Wendy Mackie – not forgetting my husband Derek and my small team who have helped to make our authors so welcome here.

Thank you all most sincerely.

Kate Norbury

(via email)