Move prompted memories

SIR - I was intrigued in reading your report of the move to Culver House of residents from the former Abbeyfield property in All Saints Road to learn that the latter property was to be sold for redevelopment and could be altered back to three separate four bedroom homes.

Up until the end of the 1920’s, my grandmother ran number 21 as a guesthouse but moved in, I think, 1929 when her youngest daughter had married and left earlier in the decade. Her other daughter was in business with her aunt in a lock-up shop as a milliner and fancy goods in Temple Street.

At some time about then, the family lived in Peaslands Road until the rest of the premises in Temple Street became vacant and my grandmother rented the whole property, although double-fronted, was originally number six.

I came across my grandmother’s visitors’ book in which entries stopped in 1929 and resumed in 1931 until the outbreak of war. I gave this book and others of similar interest to the Sidmouth Museum. Soon after I found a box of various items of Sidmouth.

I omitted to say, the youngest daughter was my mother. She also said they often watched rugby from the bedroom window.

J A C Waller