Move the surgery

we are writing in support of the proposals for a new doctor’s surgery and pharmacy at Sedemuda Close, Stowford.

The existing Blackmore Drive surgery is too small and has inadequate parking facilities in which it is not easy to manoeuvre.

Until it is possible to buy the building and either rebuild or remodel it, there can be no change to that situation.

No doubt there will be some objections to moving the surgery facilities from the town centre and Sidford sites, but there are always some gains and some losses in such situations.

The Sedemuda site will offer much more and easier parking, and is on a bus route.

There will be many more treatment rooms and facilities, making a visit to the doctor more comfortable altogether.

We think it absolutely necessary to have a pharmacy attached to the surgery. In some areas where this already happens the pharmacy does not sell cosmetics, etc, so as not to take away that trade from existing similar outlets.

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To have an attached pharmacy would make the visit of unwell patients more comfortable and would not involve extra car journeys and parking.

Mr and Mrs David Glennie

Woolbrook Rise