Mystery of the elusive seven!

SIR - I was intrigued by the thought-provoking letter of your correspondent, Rod Boggia (Sidmouth Herald August 20).

He believes that the number seven, or its multiples, has a special significance and is worked into the text throughout the whole of the Bible. The Judaic calendar was supposed to be lunar based, so I can see some sort of connection with the factor of 28, but that doesn’t explain an obsession with seven. Could Rod clear up the mystery?

He also said that there are 30 variations of seven in the first verse of Genesis which runs: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth”.

First checking that this was not in the April 1 edition of your paper, I tried hard to find one single example of the elusive seven. Then I gave up. So, go on, Rod, you win. Now explain your riddle.

Finally, Rod claims triumphantly that the theory of evolution is fatally flawed because no fossilised missing link has ever been found.

What would be a conclusive argument against the theory would be the discovery of a 200,000 year old fossil that looked like modern man. What is the chance of that?

Ken Bridgman

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Martletts, Connaught Close, Sidmouth