Mystery reason for offshore drilling rigs

SIR - Reference your article on page 29 of the Sidmouth Herald of September 3 concerning the two offshore drilling rigs seen last Sunday week.

You state that they were on their way from Barrow in Furness to their base in Belgium at 10am. Later on that day, I watched both rigs being towed systematically to and fro by their tugs for over an hour in mid afternoon and it was evident that they were undertaking some sort of a survey off the coast close in to Sidmouth.

If they had just been travelling across Lyme Bay in order to get to their destination in the English Channel they surely would have taken a direct line between Berry Head and Portland Bill and not have come so close to land.

Perhaps readers of the Herald might speculate as to what they were doing and who had commissioned this work!

Bob Warren.

12B Green Mount