Need for low-cost housing?

SIR - Re: The building of new homes

Isn’t it time that we got a little logical thinking from our councillors? We need the infrastructure in place before we build the houses, not after. We know that roads, health centres, schools, etc. do not bring vast profits for the developers, but I am sure that this doesn’t affect the Council’s decisions.

Also, with the present lack of parking facilities and our narrow town roads how are the new residents to get into town without causing chaos?

It would be interesting to know how many Sidmouth-born, or present residents, are in need of low-cost housing. Has any research been done?

I suspect that the only people who truly want this development are those who stand to make considerable profit from it, such as the owners of the sites, the developers and estate agents.

Surely it would be better to improve and develop further the Alexandria site to provide small industrial and office buildings for those who cannot now find employment in Sidmouth.

This would be a major benefit for young Sidmothians, but, again, possibly a smaller profit for developers.

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D Pedder via email