NHS praise

SIR - We read in the press and hear on the radio, criticism of the NHS, and obviously much is wrong in certain areas; however, I have just returned home after having undergone an operation.

It was with great trepidation that I arrived at the RD&E early in the morning, but, from my arrival, I was treated with great kindness, consideration and unfailing courtesy, by everyone from the receptionist to the anaesthetist, the specialist and all those who work on the wards.

I would like to publicly thank all concerned at the RD&E and I feel sure that I could not have received any greater attention if I was a private patient.

I was discussing this with my neighbour in the next bed and he told me that he had been in for three days and that everyone had been just fantastic and so caring, that the staff treated each patient as an individual and they took a pride in their work.

I think that everyone on the wards, mainly young, were superb. Thank you all.

Garland Pickard

8 Riverside, Sidmouth