Nimbies and a question of facts

SIR - Who is this lovely lady Beth Johnson, currently living in rented accommodation in Tipton St John? She wrote so charmingly to the Herald last week voicing her opinions of the members of the Residents’ Association Committee in Tipton St John – “NIMBY Clique”, I seem to recall how they were addressed.

I was so impressed by her letter that I would have been so pleased to contact her personally, but, unfortunately she withheld her address. I wonder why?

Why, Beth, have you have never offered to help or even join the Committee in all they are doing to care for and work consistently in the best interests of the village? I do not think you can have any knowledge of the hours they spend or the expenses they incur (and never claim) in the duties they carry out.

What is even more sad, Beth, you are obviously unaware of just not getting your facts right. The “NIMBY clique” IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN in favour of affordable homes. They have NEVER opposed such development!!

What they ARE opposed to is the extensive overall development currently proposed by Devonshire Homes. The village amenities simply cannot cope with that quantity of properties.

Over the thirty-odd years I have lived in this area and the 17 years I have lived in Tipton St John I feel I know the village pretty well. In your letter and in your remarks relating to traffic you relate only to traffic through the central area of the village.

Every car that moves into the village will also increase the quantity of traffic on the Ottery St Mary to Bowd road. ALREADY we have problems with the increased amount of traffic and drivers exceeding the speed limit and using their mobiles “on the straight”.

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We must also consider drainage and sewerage in addition to traffic.

PLEASE, Beth, do get in touch with the Chairman of the Residents’ Association (or any one of the Committee members). I am sure that if you do so you would be better advised than at present and be better informed, not by ‘nimbies’ but by very devoted, intelligent village residents.

Eleanor Wragg

Hayne Close

Tipton St John