No complaints about FolkWeek

SIR - Dear me, what a killjoy is D Johnson (e-mail letter highlighted in the August 20 edition of the Herald!)

I now live close to the Connaught Gardens and the Esplanade and saw, or heard, no shouting and drunkenness in the streets, or ‘mindless disorder’. In fact, I thought that the general atmosphere was friendly and good-hearted.

The behaviour that the writer complains about can, unfortunately, occur at any time of the year, hence the reports in our paper of vandalism in the town, usually late at night, quite often.

The festival brings great enjoyment to many, with singing, dancing and instrumental workshops always well-attended by many who travel distances to come and take part.

My daughter has sung with the festival choir for eighteen years and wouldn’t miss FolkWeek for anything, and she has never had reason to complain about it!

For one week out of 52, Mr or Mrs Johnson, please can’t you live and let live?

Mary Hasbury

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