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I see that the council is putting up totally illogical reasons against the provision of a bridge to the Connaught Gardens, thus condemning people to continue to run the gauntlet of crossing the road.

Why? There is no logical reason for withholding permission for this to go ahead.

Instead, Devon County Council (DCC) states that it will ‘not accept a substandard height clearance’ for a new bridge. What on earth are they talking about?

What possible reason can they put forward to justify such an absurd statement? If the proposed bridge is substandard, then so are their ludicrous alternatives.

A zebra crossing? I can’t believe that one. That would be worse than doing nothing (from past experience the DCC’s usual mode of action, think Pennington Point and the old stationery shop eyesore); a narrowing of the road; a section of the road with disabled access to the gardens. How they intend to do that I can’t imagine.

These proposals do not address the problems that wheelchairs, prams and those who have difficulty in walking will still have in struggling to negotiate the steps down from the car park, crossing the road and struggling up to the gardens.

Furthermore, the pinch point, the zebra crossing, the disabled access etc are all low-spec and do not equate with the demand for a high-spec high bridge.

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If a high bridge is essential for traffic safety then the whole road to Otterton needs to be upgraded. Which begs the question; does the council intend to do just that and is keeping that fact a secret?

If DCC has valid and intelligent reasons for its refusal then they have to make them public. Hiding behind their bald, unjustified refusal that they will only agree if the bridge is to an unnecessary height will not suffice.

GT Bungay

Woolbrook Road, Sidmouth