No respect?

On August 19 my family and I walked from Salcombe Regis to Salcombe Mouth.

It was a lovely evening and when we arrived at the beach two lads and a girl (I would say they were in their twenties) were attempting to move a small rowing boat from the bottom of the steps to the water. They had a Jack Russell puppy with them.

We thought the boat was theirs, but it turned out it wasn’t. They dragged it across the shingle to the sea and one of them and the puppy got in and just messed about for no more than 10 minutes.

We then left the beach and when we got to the top they were following us and we noticed that the boat had just been left to bob up and down in the sea!

How irresponsible are people – do they not have any respect for other people’s property?

Or am I just an old fogey with traditional values? What is wrong with young people today?

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