No thought for wildlife

SIR - To the Planning Officer of EDDC – Surely you should be keeping the Sid Valley green and pleasant for our tourist trade.

The idea of an employment site on an AONB of 12 acres on one of the entrances to this beautiful valley is surely detrimental.

The traffic problem has got much worse in the 35 years since it was last mooted.

School Street is already a nightmare and in the summer traffic is backed up past the Jubilee seat.

I have had an employee of the company doing the survey of the site asking to come on to my land and measure the height of the banks of the brook so that it can be covered over.

No thought for the wildlife there. If I refuse they will GUESS it anyway; really professional.

Surely there are plenty of brownfield sites you could check out before spoiling the Sid Valley forever. Yours in hope of common sense.

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Carol Longstaff

via email