No whip required

I would like to add to the debate prompted by Councillor Roger Giles’s letter “Electing to stand” (Opinion, November 22).

Roger insults the intelligence of the electorate in East Devon, which over the years has elected two Conservative MPs, contributed to electing three Conservative MEPs, and duly elected a Conservative majority at East Devon District Council and Devon County Council.

Roger, face it – we live in area where the electorate has chosen the values and beliefs of the Conservative way of life...

Conservative policies are a matter of record and well established in East Devon. More than can be said for Independent candidates, who are very shy as to their values and beliefs.

Perhaps I could request, through the good offices of the Sidmouth Herald, that you explain them to the electorate – adding what has been achieved in regard to your values and beliefs since the last district elections.

Finally, you will note this letter is written by a free-thinking Conservative councillor without the aid of a ‘whip’.

Cllr Tony Howard

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EDDC Conservative Member for Ottery St Mary Rural Ward