Noise is the issue

We were disappointed to read the Pea Green Boat article (“Restaurant wins late opening bid”, Herald, October 4) with only Chris Pike’s comments, which painted only half a picture.

We wonder if your readers are aware that for over 45 years the Pea Green Boat premises were residential flats, and that guest bedrooms at the Kingswood & Devoran are immediately next to this building, with relatively thin walls and windows opening out on to its patio.

We are certainly not opposed to late-night opening per se, nor to anyone trying to make a living, nor indeed helping to improve the choice of food and drink venues available to visitors and locals alike.

This matter purely relates to an objection to increased noise in particular through lack of sound insulation.

The Pea Green Boat was set up in a building designed for residential use, without any specific sound insulation to compensate for the extra noise a catering business naturally generates.

It is also immediately adjacent to a ground-floor room adapted for disabled use, with additional bedrooms above it.

There is also the matter of Mr Pike’s late-night staff parties, which in the past have disturbed several of our guests on more than one occasion.

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This might explain our scepticism of Mr Pike’s assertion that there was no noise over and above “the sound of cutlery”.

On another note, we should add our concerns about the mysterious moped! Parked all day and night directly outside the premises all year round. This to secure an uninterrupted view of the sea for his customers.

We are told by the local traffic warden that whilst he’s not breaking the law, he’s just not playing the game!

I wonder how the townsfolk would feel if we hoteliers bought up a fleet of redundant mopeds and followed suit, thus removing extremely valuable car parking.

The potential loss of revenue alone to the shops through reduced parking would no doubt start a debate and maybe even get us some national press coverage. It’s a tempting thought.

In conclusion, it would seem that on this occasion our local councillors in their admirable eagerness to support increased commerce in one outlet have entirely overlooked the potential negative impact on a neighbouring business.

Perhaps it’s just as well none of them are likely to be checking in to the rooms affected any time soon.

Mark and Joanna Seward

Proprietors, Sidmouth Hotels Ltd