Not a great speech

So Robert Crick is of the opinion that Glenda Jackson’s tirade in Parliament was a real tonic.

He was apparently too ill to work on Wednesday, April 17, and so tuned in to the Parliamentary channel in time to catch this ‘powerful’ woman articulating her deep moral faith in the face of bullying stout gentlemen in grey suits attempting to prevent her.

I heard the speech too, but I heard an ex-actress, slagging off the late, great Margaret Thatcher with the paraphrase, “A woman. Not on my terms.”

I find that most gratifying as the last time I saw Ms Jackson was on the silver screen in Women in Love, where she was rolling around naked in the grass with a drunken Oliver Reed.

In my book, there is nothing ladylike in that, but it amply illustrates her kind of woman…

Thank God for Margaret Thatcher.

RE Gray

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