Not unfriendly

Re: “Town doesn’t want children” (Herald, Friday, August 30.)

First of all I cannot understand why this story has made the headlines of your paper, or why it made the news at all.

It is terrible and wrong to swear at children, but why the big story and why would this mar the mother’s impression of the town?

It’s well known that some children are noisier these days and parents are happy for them to scream and shout.

In a supermarket recently a mum was looking at food on a shelf while her two girls fought over the shopping trolley, shouting and swinging it around whilst we shoppers had to dodge them.

Had I told them to stop would I have made the news too? Of course Sidmouth is child-friendly.

Just because there have been occasions when children have been told off by strangers doesn’t make it an unfriendly place.

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Chloe Jones

(via email)