Observation on ‘fiasco of a meeting’

SIR - How dare it be suggested that there should be age discrimination when it comes to having opinions about what might be better for Sidmouth.

I don’t think the age of any protester is relevant particularly in a town where 60 per cent of the population is retired anyway and meetings are always held during working hours.

I was aghast to hear Mark Williamson at the development management committee endorse the idea of the development of Axminster’s central area whilst endorsing exactly the opposite idea for Sidmouth – namely the development of an industrial area north of Sidford. He ignores all other information on available office space and the obvious area for development of Alexandria Estate.

He disregards the fact that much of the basis for the plan is on false and wrong statistics and information, he cares not for AONB designation, nor for flood risk nor for road congestion.

He wants job development in Sidmouth whilst happily shipping out all the EDDC jobs from the Knowle to be located in other towns.

He endorsed the idea of housing development on this site disregarding the grounds, public amenity and mature trees and there was no mention of the important role of tourism to our town. I’ve never attended such a fiasco of a meeting in all my life.

Lois Kelly

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