Ode to new bridge

I was lucky enough to witness the official re-opening of Lloyd bridge in “The Byes” after work was completed on January 31.

The bridge has been closed for several months after being almost destroyed by the high flood water.

The water at its peak was over the handrails. This local lifeline links the Byes to Lawn Vista. Sidmouth rambler Lauren Bradshaw told us: “I am thrilled by the reopening, EDDC have made an excellent job.”

King of Chit Bob Williams opened the bridge with a poem.

In storms and rain

The great floods came

Our bridge was swept away

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And for many a long day

Our friends who live up here

Were unable to get their beer

The Swan was a lonely place

Missing many a familiar face

But the council men have saved the day

And brought our bridge back into play

I declare it open and now I think

It’s safe to come and have a drink.

Hope you can use this.

Adrian Ricketts