Off their conk?

SIR - My children have been enjoying the lovely bounty which is falling in the Byes – namely, conkers, acorns and leaves. A wonderful way to learn about the outdoors, trees and nature.

Imagine my shock when I was chatting in the Byes to a man from the council emptying the bins who informed me that all the conker trees will be cut down next year for health and safety reasons! What is the world coming to? Are we really likely to be badly hurt from a falling conker? Are our children to have nothing real left to look at and experience? Perhaps we should all lock ourselves away and not go outside. What next – all the oak trees as well? Many of these trees, I am sure, have been in the Byes for many years and are part of its charm and beauty.

I hope this is not true. I know a lot of people who would be very angry if this were to happen.

Perhaps someone from East Devon District Council could comment.

Mrs K Bond

10 Malden Road, Sidmouth