One sided view of NIMBY clique

SIR - The letter you published last week from Beth Johnson in Tipton St John gives a very one-sided view of the NIMBY clique.

We moved to Tipton St John four years ago, one of the endearing features was that it is a charming little village. I am not in favour of the Devonshire homes application, but do agree that there is a need for some affordable housing.

If the correspondent had looked at the LDF and associated SHLAA from EDDC they would have seen potential sites around Tipton St John that could comply with her demand for affordable housing and NOT cause the level of despondency the current application does.

I am not against new building of an appropriate size for a village, but am strongly against any proposal that would, increase the size of Tipton St John by 25%, give serious cause for flooding concern along Station Road, as was seen a couple of years ago, have major implications for traffic on the Sidmouth Road, not have a sewage system that is connected to the main sewer on a permanent basis, overlook those houses at the top of Mallocks Close and have the potential for surface water problems as seen by residents of Hayne Park.

One issue Beth Johnson does touch on is the issue of affordable housing that one can buy. This is one area that the LDF does not adequately address as, in the current application, only six of the 57 houses are shared ownership.

I believe that this ratio should be substantially higher it would be interesting to hear other peoples view.

John Harding

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Oakley Barton Orchard, Tipton St John