Only the developers will benefit from a marina

SIR The developer behind the proposals says 'this is a golden opportunity for Sidmouth'.

SIR - The developer behind the proposals says 'this is a golden opportunity for Sidmouth'.(D-Day in debate on Port Royal's future, Herald, January 11) He means for themselves. Those in favour make all sorts of claims in support, such as that a key concept of a marina was that its 'traffic comes from the water'. Do not yacht owners arrive by car to visit their boats? The developers claim a marina would provide protection for the cliffs. Any man-made construction prevents the long shore rift from working as nature intended. The two rock islands built to protect the seafront have dramatically altered the size and shape of the beach in a little over 10 years. This is a major concern of Natural England. This is supposed to be a world heritage site.The glorious views along the coast would be blighted by a 'wall'. What size of construction is needed to prevent the marina from getting the full force of the wind and tide? Imagine the winter gales battering the marina, or a yacht attempting to enter or exit with the wind hard against the shore.The BBC reported on January 11 that the number of yachts entering one of Devon's most exclusive sailing resorts (Salcombe) is down by nearly a third. The harbour master reported a continuing and alarming downward trend of visits. The harbour board has frozen charges, but admitted there was a lack of facilities for yachtspeople. How and where would Sidmouth provide these facilities? The development proposals would blight the stunning coastline that Sidmouth is blessed with and would be an intolerable burden on the town.John Martinvia email