Open that door!


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I write in response to the letter from Pamela Howard (“Work as a team”, Opinion, January 10) regarding the Ottery Town Council debacle.

It is some 20 years ago that I went to my first council meeting relating to the proposed development of Thorne Farm.

I was impressed by the way that Roger Giles, who had obviously done his homework, fielded the salvoes fired at him. His views were supported by the facts and figures that he had researched.

Few other members of the council expressed a view, yet when a vote was taken all those silent councillors voted in favour – only Roger Giles and one other councillor voted against.

I was so appalled that I did not attend another council meeting until it was decided to hold some meetings in local villages.

I was delighted to find that things had changed for the better – everyone was treated with respect and individuals were invited to to speak if they had a background knowledge of an item on the agenda.

Sadly it is obvious from recent reports in the Herald that the atmosphere at meetings of Ottery St Mary Town Council has deteriorated.

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Surely the interests of constituents should be paramount during discussions? Therefore nothing should be discussed behind closed doors.

Janet Croud

(via email)