Ottery Gardening Club

SIR - Our problem in the Ottery St. Mary Gardening Club is not lack of members (currently we have 151) but people willing to come on the committee and help with the general running of the club.

We only have about four to five committee meetings a year and always have a cup of tea and biscuits.

At the present time, I have several hats that I wear from Membership Secretary to Social Secretary to distributor of Newsletters and my husband is the Treasurer.

Other committee members are printing and delivering posters for talks and events, preparing and printing newsletters, minute taking, teas and raffle organisation and many other jobs.

We spend many hours just on the Gardening Club and all we would like is two or three people out of 151 to give up some of their time to help, otherwise we can see the club closing, which would be a shame as there has been a gardening club in Ottery since 1972.

I thought people would be more interested in learning how to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers and would appreciate advice from very knowledgeable people who are members of gardening clubs, because that is why they were formed in the first place. We have recently had a visit from Mr Bob Flowerdew and the sort of information he imparted will be sorely missed in the future if clubs continue to close.

On behalf of the Ottery Gardening Club, we wish the Sidmouth Gardening Club all the best for the future.

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Perhaps it will all look brighter in the New Year.

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