Outrage at dogmess ordeal

SIR - To the person who did not clean up after their dog defecated on Millford Road/Millford Avenue, Friday Night/Sat Morning (23rd/24th) - a visitor to our house put her foot in it then trod it up our path and into our hallway.

My four year-old son then trod the excrement around the lounge. It was on his socks and soaked through to his feet. He was very upset and so were we. We now have to have the carpet shampooed and the front door mat was so badly soiled we threw it out.

You, and people like you, are disgusting and antisocial. Not cleaning up after your animal is no trivial indiscretion, it is a serious matter and it is all too prevalent in Sidmouth (particularly in the Byes).

Aside from the revolting experience of having to deal with the mess, dog faeces harbour infection and are a health hazard. If I had my way you would be given an Antisocial Behaviour Order and fined a thousand pounds.

So, next time you fail to clean up, think about the consequences. And if you do not care about the person who treads in it, perhaps spare a thought about what others think of you.

M Wooster

(Address supplied)

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ED: While this letter deals with a highly distasteful subject I believe the point it makes vindicates its publication.