SIR - I refer to Ken Mylne’s letter regarding the recent Ottery St Mary Planning Committee meeting at Tipton St John regarding an application to build 15 dwellings at Barton Orchard. I fully support his comments.

I was one of the residents who spoke at the meeting. Before I had a chance to speak or identify myself, I was asked by the Chairman, Cllr Paul Carter, where I lived (he was well aware of this) and whether my house was built in an AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty). I felt outraged by this question which was not only irrelevant to the matter in hand but, also, implied that I was a “Nimby”, acting out of self interest. In fact, my objection to the application related to traffic junction issues and building on green field land, which was an integral part of the village environment. Only those objecting were asked if their property was built in an AONB; those speaking in favour of the application were not.

I felt that, as Cllr Carter displayed unjustified bias from the start of proceedings, his subsequent casting vote as chairman, to approve the application, needs to be examined.

The recommendation by Ottery St Mary Planning Committee should be disregarded by EDDC when the application comes before them.

Margaret Hutchesson

Michaelmas House, Hayne Close, Tipton St John