Overgrown state of the Byes

SIR - I write to express my wholehearted agreement with the comments made by Michael Rose in the recent article regarding the overgrown state of parts of the Byes.

I contacted Streetscene earlier in the year to voice my concern on this matter, only to be told that the NE quadrant between the Cycle Bridge and Sid Lane is being left in its natural state as part of the cut-backs.

Last week, land on the opposite side of the river was cut yet again and left in a neat and tidy state. However, the area referred to earlier remains neglected and unkempt.

Again I contacted Streetscene and it was explained to me that the Western area is deemed to be a recreation area and as such merits greater care and attention.

Surely the Roly-Poly hills and the surrounding area on the eastern side fall into the recreational category. They are certainly well-used and enjoyed by families and should be maintained to an equally high standard.

I have been informed by a representative from the council that it would take an additional 30-45 minutes to maintain the area in question. Surely the cost of this is a small price to pay to preserve the beauty of one of Sidmouth’s most precious and well-used assets.

I am assured that the council is logging all comments on this issue – so, if you have an opinion - make your voice heard and don’t let the beauty of the Byes be a thing of the past!

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Meg Payne

Sid Road,