Parade proved a winner actually


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When I saw the headlines on last week’s edition (re: Anger as sewage mars parade), the words mountain, molehill and making a crisis out of a drama came to mind.

The St George’s Day celebrations were excellent; the massive and exceptional rainfall, happened while we were all in the church and stopped to allow parades to and from the church.

Yes, we did notice an unpleasant pong when we reached the seafront, but the beavers, cubs and scouts didn’t have to walk in the nasty stuff and avoided it by walking in the middle of the road. There were some screwed up noses as they passed but knowing small boys as I do, I bet they were entranced by it and will probably remember that most of all (apologies to Philip Bourne who conducted an excellent and entertaining service).

As soon as the parade had passed, I called the town clerk, he called South West Water who sent out their response team within the hour and cleared it up. When we came along the esplanade in the evening, there was no sign of anything and all was clean and tidy. Congratulations to them for such prompt and efficient action.

When I was contacted by the paper, I told them all this but, of course, that was too boring and positive to be included in an article just dealing with the negatives.

The REAL story was that a very large contingent of scouts and their leaders came from all over the East Devon district to celebrate their special day and our patron saint St George and that the new Rector gave up his Sunday afternoon to inspire our young people, and that our MP and town council chairman also came to support them.

I have a photograph of the saluting bay, where no one looks shocked, outraged or angry, just proud and happy to be there.

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Ann Liverton

East Devon District Scout Association Chairman.