Parking is a problem - we need traffic wardens

SIR I agree with the comments of Darrell Dumenil concerning the unlawful parking of cars close to Tesco in High Street.

SIR - I agree with the comments of Darrell Dumenil concerning the unlawful parking of cars close to Tesco in High Street.(Kids' lives are put at risk, Herald, February 8)When I first moved to Sidmouth in 1989, there were three traffic wardens employed in the town, plus a number of real police officers patrolling the streets. Over the last few years, these have been reduced in number and, since the autumn of 2006, there has been no traffic warden in the town.Yes, the PCSOs did start at that time but were not permitted, initially, to issue parking tickets, as they had not been on the required course even though one of them had previously been a traffic warden. At the present a traffic warden attends from Ottery and certainly does her bit to keep the streets clear. PCSOs do their best, but do have other duties to perform.I live in Temple Street where there are double yellow lines on the west side and a single yellow line on the east side which apply between 8am and 6pm, seven days a week. This road is an extension of the A375, which is the main feeder road into Sidmouth town.Private cars are often found to be parking on the yellow line for long periods of time during the day: on Sunday, February 10, there have been two cars parked all day, causing an obstruction. Yet police patrol cars are regularly seen in Temple Street, but take no action against the offending vehiclesAnother area of concern is that in Woolbrook Road where, at the time of the children leaving St Nicholas School, vehicles are obstructing the pavement opposite the school, causing pedestrians and wheelchair users to go into the road to pass by.Recently in the Herald it has been mentioned that the police are still taking an active part in dealing with parking offences even though this is due to alter in May this year.If you believe that statement then you believe that the Moon is a balloon. David AmbroseTemple StreetSidmouth

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