Party group ruined open mic event

SIR - SELFISH. Yes you; the yellow shirted, ‘funny hat’ brigade who ruined Thursday afternoon’s ‘open mic’ at Dukes.

The ‘open mic’ in the afternoon at Dukes during FolkWeek is usually an atmospheric few hours, where locals and visitors alike can eat, drink and listen to a variety of amateur and professional musicians and singers and, if the sun shines, there is nowhere better.

On Thursday, about 30 young men and women, who seemed to be associated with a local sporting club, held their own noisy party, taking up half the venue. They had no interest in the musical acts and scant regard for anyone else who wanted to listen. Their behaviour was discourteous to the visiting musicians and, especially, to the two men who give up their week to run the event.

I have no objection to these people having a fun party, but please not at that venue or time.

Name and address supplied

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