Path plan - waiting for an accident?

MADAM - I write with reference to the article Essential West Hill pavement bid shelved , in the Sidmouth Herald of Friday, September 18.

MADAM - I write with reference to the article 'Essential' West Hill pavement bid shelved", in the Sidmouth Herald of Friday, September 18.

The shelving of plans for a pavement along the West Hill Road defies belief. Why must we wait for a terrible tragedy to occur before something will be done?

As I was walking with my children to West Hill School last week, a Ford Fiesta raced past us through the speed control area on the West Hill Road. At the Lower Broad Oak mini-roundabout, the car braked suddenly and hard, causing it to skid through ninety degrees. I dread to think what would have happened if that had occurred on the section of road with no pavement.

Like many parents in West Hill, I am reluctant to walk with my children to school, but do so because I believe that we have a duty to reduce traffic and make it safer for all, as well as the obvious environmental concerns. This section of road is extremely dangerous, and a pavement along the road or path through the village hall car park from the pavement opposite Ashley Brake, would reduce the risk to any member of the community walking to the school or the village shop.

The existing speed control measures are clearly insufficient and East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee should reconsider their decision not to pursue this as a matter of urgency.

Dr J A Coppell

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