Path to fairness

With regard to the letter published in the Sidmouth Herald on February 28, re:Dangerous Dogs, by an unnamed person, I would like to say that in all the times I have walked through the Byes with my dog, in the 50 plus years I have lived here, I have never come across any ‘dangerous’ dogs.

I try to be a courteous and responsible dog owner but have probably made some mistakes along the way, and yes, I have seen unthinking dog owners, as well as an equal amount of unthinking humans walking along the bicycle track etc.

I agree the cycle path is a great facility for Sidmouth but I really would like to see more give and take on both sides, instead of ganging up on each other. There is enough sadness in this life, and if everyone could be a little more thoughtful, it would make life much more pleasant for the dog loving members of Sidmouth and our cyclists. As well as dog walkers being more considerate, I would also like cyclists to be more considerate, and ring their bells to warn walkers of their arrival, especially on the joint pathways. I was nearly knocked over by an elderly lady riding her electric bike at some speed - I didn’t hear her coming and she appeared to be totally oblivious to the walkers.

Di Kendall-Torry

Tipton St John