Paws for thought

A wise proverb says: ‘A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger’. Good advice I think!

It seems as if we are living in a society that prefers to use a lot of harsh words, especially more recently about dogs and old people. How sad that is.

There are many elderly in this beautiful area who have dogs as companions. Because families move away and their friends gradually die off.

They are often left alone and so dogs (or cats) become their daily source of friendship – because animals don’t answer back and give back a lot of unconditional love.

It would be encouraging if more places were given for dogs to walk as it seems as if more and more areas are being barred or fenced off.

It would be nice if the few inconsiderate dog owners would pick up the poo so that the very many responsible dog owners would not suffer as a result of their misconduct.

Surely, we should be making more effort to live peacefully with one another - instead of stirring up strife?

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Ann Reldas