Paying the price

We have no doubt whatsoever that Stuart Hughes has been deposed from his role as chairman of EDDC overview and scrutiny committee because he has been too vocal in standing up for Sidmouth issues.

Somebody has to, and it appears he is paying the price. It is clear that the ruling party cannot handle anyone who expresses a view other than the party line.

Stuart works tirelessly in the best interests of the local community he represents, and it is surely up to him to decide upon his own workload.

One could conclude that this move is intended to sideline Councillor Hughes and minimise Sidmouth representation as EDDC relentlessly pursue the development of the business park at Sidford and no doubt roll out another plan for the redevelopment of the Knowle.

He needs to be aware that many local people support him and will stay vigilant on all matters that affect Sidmouth.

Michael and Pamela Gordon-Lee

King Charles Way

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