Pension plight

SIR - I’d like to ask your readers’ to help with our campaign to highlight the unfairness of proposals contained in the UK Government’s Pensions Bill.

We support the move to bring women’s state pension age in line with men’s at 65, but we are objecting to the speed of the increase for women to 66 by 2020, six years earlier than it originally planned. As a result, around 330,000 women in Britain will, at very short notice, have to wait an extra 18 months or longer before claiming their State Pension.

I, and many other women across the UK, feel this is unfair and will hurt hard-working women, many of whom have worked for 40 years or more. Many of us have worked in relatively low-paid jobs or part-time because of caring responsibilities and these changes will mean real hardship, especially to those with poor health.

Born in 1954, I am personally affected by this change. Over 10 years ago, due to ill-health, my Husband was forced to take early retirement. Since then, I have been the breadwinner in our household. Prior to that, I was lucky enough to work part-time to raise our young family. Obviously, we have lost a considerable amount financially. As a family we have never claimed state benefits or had the opportunity to save vast amounts of money. To now be penalised at the point of retirement is a devastating prospect that cannot be viewed with any enthusiasm.

We are asking MPs to ensure the Pensions Bill is amended to ensure that any increase to the state pension age beyond 65 does not start until at least 2020.

Readers can take action by sending a state pension age campaign postcard to their MP, asking them to stick to the coalition government’s original timetable.

To request copies of the campaign postcard, or to find out more about the campaign please visit

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Christine Warner

Little Orchard, Payhembury