Pharmacy need


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A new health centre in Sedemuda Close far from any pharmacy, and without provision for one, beggars belief.

Well, it would, but I am forgetting that this could only be decided by councillors in their “finite” wisdom. Are they on our planet?

So a sick patient, who can only get a late appointment, not only has the worry of getting to Stowford, then has to travel again to chase a pharmacy with a second stress of parking, and probably failing to complete the challenge on the same day.

Are the authorities protecting the interests of firms such as Boots or Lloyds, who can look after themselves, over and above those of the patients?

If a new build is planned, surely we must get it right with inbuilt pharmacy from the very start, so that it is fit for purpose (to labour the constant message from councillors). Remember whom we are trying to serve.

Of course, the tragedy is that the Stowford Day Centre should never have closed in the first place.

Just to be sure, they will provide toilet facilities in the new centre, or do we have to make our way to the Triangle to satisfy that need?

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