Planning shame

Today (September 17) I was saddened but not surprised by an EDDC planning committee’s decision to agree to the building of three new houses “at 28 Temple Street” – in effect on land in between Temple Street and Lawn Vista.

This is a derelict building “brownfield site” with a tiny lane acting as the only point of access for this development. Although our spokesperson – for the majority of Lawn Vista Residents – spoke very well, none of his points raised were discussed by council members.

Nor were his excellent suggestions about alternative, far better access, and possible additional parking provision.

Our serious parking problems, which will be made far worse by the building of these houses, was hardly discussed – more summarily dismissed.

It was if he – and we, the residents of Lawn Vista – do not exist, and do not matter in the slightest.

There was no discussion to speak of by the council members, not even when one councillor criticised the unimaginitive design of this proposed development.

It seemed as if minds had already been made up.

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By contrast, lengthy and erudite disscussion took place both over the aesthetic merits or otherwise of a proposal to extend a tiny summer house, set in lanscaped grounds.

Similar lengthy discussions were had on the merits or otherwise of a single proposed dwelling that, whilst overlooking some other Sidmouth properties (and being a “blot on the landscape” in my opinion), would not, if built, actually impact on the day to day lives of other residents to nearly the same extent as the Lawn Vista development will do.

So it seems that aesthetics, not day to day practicalities like parking, access and road safety, are the priorities for our councillors?

Who exactly are EDDC council members representing when they make their decisions?

S A King

Lawn Vista