Plea to vet!

SIR - I refer to your article in the Sidmouth Herald on Friday, March 11, concerning our local vet planning to move to the garden centre.

I appreciate that everyone needs to expand and update their business, but please reconsider another location as I know that I’m not the only animal owner who hasn’t got a car or is able to take their pet on the bus. The main road to the garden centre is very busy and with a nervous dog, it would be extremely dangerous.

I have a suggestion. Would it be feasible to have a purpose-built veterinary clinic housed at Alexandria Industrial Estate - mainly in the area where the buses used to terminate? There is ample parking and, hopefully, the local residents wouldn’t object.

Surely there are other people in Sidmouth who feel the same as I do, that if the garden centre idea goes ahead - what will we do!

Sue Smith

119 Winslade Road Sidmouth