Please come back

I enclose the following poem in response to the wonderfully written article in the column named Nooks and Corners, in last week’s Private Eye.

The column was founded by Sir John Betjeman and it expressed elegantly and succinctly its support for Sidmouth and the efforts of the Sid Vale Association and the SOS campaign to prevent damaging development plans by East Devon District Council councillors and members of the East Devon Business Forum, regarding the Knowle and AONB at Sidford.

This article, in a national publication, is a crucial reminder to all of us that Sidmouth is known, loved and visited by people from all over the country for those very assets that these bodies are seeking to destroy.

A Plea from Sidmouth.

(Save Our Sidmouth Campaign)

John Betjeman, John Betjeman,

Oh how we need you here again,

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We need your kudos and your power,

Could you not help to save the hour?

We have some clever chaps here gathering files,

But just a word from you could gain us miles.

We have a battle on with the EDDC,

The same old bungling that you used to see,

With clerks and planners and councillors hell bent

On selling off the countryside for personal intent.

If you could leave heaven’s architecture for a while,

Appear on the BBC with your infectious smile,

Speak with a few old chums who hold you dear,

And drop a word or two in the right ear,

I’m sure that it would help to sort things out,

For you loved Sidmouth so, and you had clout.

Come for the weekend, we’ll meet you off the train,

Stay in the seafront hotel overnight again.

Think of all the memories it would evoke,

You know you always liked us Sidmouth folk.

And in the evening we’ll take you for a stroll

Along The Esplanade and parkland at The Knowle,

Then in the charabanc through Sidford on to Sidbury,

To see once more areas of outstanding beauty,

For, alas, we fear it may not be too long

Before the very last of them is gone.

John Betjeman, John Betjeman,

Oh how we need you here again,

But if you can’t come in person, could you send

A line or two of inspiration that would lend

Fire and brimstone to the SOS campaign;

Restore Sidmouth safe and sound to us again.

Lyn Darrant

Kestell Road