Plenty of evidence

SIR – David Blumson’s letter (November 25) asks thoughtful and important questions of faith, such as “Does God exist; was Jesus special, or was he a trickster or a magician? – the Son of God – no way!”

He deserves answers and here they are: God does exist! There are four simple proofs: 2,000 Old Testament prophecies, written at different times and in different places, which have already been fulfilled to the letter – many carefully mapping out Jesus’ birth to a virgin in Bethlehem, His earthly ministry, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension to heaven and second coming to planet earth in glory – and 33 prophecies fulfilled in the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life; 25,000 archaeological digs in the Holy Land, none of which contradicts Scripture; a numerical structure based on the number seven, unique to the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic of the Bible which is found nowhere else, confirming its divine inspiration; and millions of permanently changed lives!

Jesus can be categorised in only one of three ways: he was either mad, bad or God! He could not simply be a good man and gifted preacher, because he claimed to be God (John 4 vv 25-26) and Thomas declared to him “My Lord and my God” (John 20 v 28). His name, ‘Immanuel,’ means: “God with us” (Matthew 1 v 23) – and even Father God called him God! (Hebrews 1 v 8).

One of Jesus’ titles, ‘Son of God’ goes right back 3,000 years to psalm 2, where Jesus is twice revealed as ‘Son of God.’ Jesus is alive and well and continues to build His world-wide Church; He will make himself known to all who follow him and put their faith and trust in him.

In short, there is plenty of evidence for the existence of God and His Son, Jesus.

Dr Rod Boggia


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