Police visibility “few and far between”

SIR - I read with interest in last week’s Herald that Sgt Turner considers that we receive a Rolls Royce service in Sidmouth and now should expect a Ford Cortina due to the cut backs.

I, for one, would ask what has happened to the extra 200 Bobbies that we were promised by the Chief Constable when they put the Community Charge up the last two years to the maximum.

During the time that we were told that the police were having a crackdown on noisy cars, both exhaust and music output. I provided, I thought, to a PCSO, sufficient information for them to carry out checks of the excessive noise from modified exhausts in our area, only to be told that I should obtain the registration numbers and makes of the cars and more details as to times and places, which made me feel that, in fact, I should apply to be a Special Constable to carry out the investigation myself.

So no help was received and we continue to be bothered by these people who seem to need to put their accelerator to the floor when pulling away or driving up a hill.

The visibility of the constabulary in Sidmouth is few and far between, maybe an occasional car driving through the town, the occasional PCSO walking the street, but they now seem to have taken to driving around in a small white van.

The only time that we see any police officers in our town walking the beat is during FolkWeek; maybe I do not see the Rolls Royce service Sgt Turner provides as I am normally tucked up in bed when Carina’s turns out.

I have much time for the Constabulary and the service they provide, but do wonder where all the monies from the Grant and Community Charge are channelled.

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David Addis