Pollution plea

SIR - With government cuts, the credit crunch and now elections looming, the last things people are thinking of are pollution and the environment.

After a harsh winter, we are grateful for the warmth and sunshine. Here in the UK, we have not experienced very severe earthquakes and such extremes as some countries. Most of us have sent donations to help people (and animals) suffering from those conditions.

Now we should not ignore the facts that driving our cars fast and flying abroad are contributing to pollution of our planet and climate change. At this time of year, we do not need to heat and light our homes as in the winter, but we can consider putting solar panels on our roofs, installing double-glazing and insulating walls and lofts. In fact, “There is no time like the present” as the saying goes.

Some people live in “conservation areas” or in “Listed Buildings” so are prevented from taking certain of these measures. Readers who are concerned could write to their MP or to the government.

Saving on fuel in any way means also saving on our household bills. We do well to give some thought to these matters. Our planet, too, is our responsibility.

For tips or information, the “affordable Warmth” helpline can be contacted on (01395) 513489.

Miriam Brown

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