Prescribe to new pharmacy?


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I would like to enlighten Roy Wright a retired pharmacist who has written twice to the Sidmouth Herald in opposition to our proposition of an independent pharmacy which would be attached to the new Stowford Health Centre.

I can assure him that the pharmacy would be under the control of a qualified pharmacist and that doctors and receptionists would never be involved in dispensing drugs. What was proposed is for pharmacists to have access to our prescribing drug table which would harmonise prescribing and prevent potential drug errors. All dispensing of drugs would be solely the preserve of either trained pharmacists or dispensers and not receptionists.

It is clear that the regulations have changed since Mr Wright was in practice as, under the current rules, it is highly unlikely that any of the existing pharmacies will be allowed to move to the new site due to the distance involved. Therefore, the only way a pharmacy will be able to open at the new surgery is if the NHS grants our application for a new licence.

This is not a case of ‘leapfrogging’ other pharmacies but is intended to ensure that patients will still be able to easily access a pharmacy following a visit to the surgery.

Most health centres are now built with a pharmacy attached for the benefits to patients and to help finance health centre developments. As it is, a development such as this without a pharmacy will result in partners close to retirement putting hands in their pockets to subsidise a building for NHS purposes. Mr Wright is also resident in West Hill and it is clear from his address that he will not be benefiting from the service we might be able to offer. I would be interested to know specifically from those patients in Sidmouth who will hopefully be using this service whether they are supportive in this project?

Duncan Hall

via email