Preyed upon?

I read with sadness the story about the death of two buzzards (“Birds of prey are poisoned”, Herald, May 31, front page).

Perhaps they were two of the three, sometimes four, birds that fly above Trow Hill. They have been there for so many years now!

There are, I suppose, the usual suspects: an overzealous gamekeeper ordered or obliged by his employers to preserve game bird stocks, or a vengeful pigeon fancier or farmer.

Then comes the inadequate that may have done this for personal pleasure because he could!

It may have been an accident – poison not intended for birds of prey – or even a toxic prey kill.

If this was not an accident then it was an act of indescribable cruelty, meted out to birds in their natural habitat going about their lives. It was malicious and demeans the perpetrator.

I am already missing the glorious sight of these birds in flight, as I had a ringside seat from my sitting room window.

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This valley will be a poorer place now that they have gone.

W Allen (Mr)