Problem solved?

A Simple Solution to solve the Knowle-cum-Sidford problems:

1. EDDC stay where you are and retrofit the buildings (in time we might even learn to love you).

2. Sell off Woolcombe House which is not fit for democratic purpose if we are to have “localism”.

3. Sidmouth Town Council can share Knowle with East Devon District Council, a more democratic marriage than EDDC with East Devon Business Forum.

4. Get rid of the East Devon Business Forum which represents vested interests and save at least �5,000 a year.

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5. Keep the valuable weekend car parks at Knowle.

6. Make fuller use of Knowle as a public venue.

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7. Save a priceless park which is the jewel in the crown of the world’s first civic arboretum.

8. Save the precious AONB at Sidford-Sidbury - Fords and other units can move to Heath Park, Honiton.

Michael Temple

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