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SIR - Last week’s report of events on the Ham Playground described local residents as “angry”. They wish to emphasise that their response was more mature than this, as the detail in last week’s report indicated.

Everyone who has chosen to live in Glenisla Terrace knows they live opposite a play park and that they will have the Ham Marquee during FolkWeek and diesel fumes from the autumn Funfair on the Ham. These residents have decided to deal with the situation in what they regard as their front garden.

The positive steps taken by residents have significantly reduced the level of anti-social behaviour over the last week. Recent examples of their refusal to react with anger include:

The gate that bangs with a loud resonance from the metal fence has been tied back.

Polite notices have been displayed asking playground users to enjoy themselves, but to make less noise after 10 pm

On Saturday morning, the path adjacent to the children’s play area was covered in dog mess. People queuing for the marquee performance had to stand in it. Local residents washed and brushed it away. One “gentleman” insisted angrily that it would be better to rub the dog owner’s nose in it. Since this was not a realistic option, most passers by were appreciative of resident action.

On Monday evening, a group of somewhat inebriated youngsters were being noisy in the park. Two burly security men from the Festival Team began to strong arm the young men, distressing some of the young women, who started screaming in fear, while most of the young men reacted with aggressive shouting. It fell to the local residents to go out and calm the situation. All was peaceful by 10.30pm. Again, anger would not have been a helpful response.

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One resident said that if he is angry with anyone, it is with the manufacturers who make a profit from selling throwaway bottles and tins and plastic wrappings, which residents clear up.

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