Progress at last

I was visiting a relative in Sidmouth last Saturday and read your local paper.

As I always take my little dog for a walk when I visit, I was concerned to see that Lawn Vista, where I always park, is to have restricted parking very soon.

I spoke to one of your local councillors who told me that it was hoped in the future to open up the allotments for extra car parking and the building of new houses.

This would provide additions to the housing stock and also a bonus by the Government to the local council. This could be used as they wished.

I thought this was a splendid idea and wondered if they had considered widening the road by taking off the front gardens of the existing properties and allowing hard standing for residents’ cars – especially as the gardens appear to be generally unkempt anyway.

Car parking has now become a priority because of the increase of car ownership, many owning two or three cars per family and with larger vehicles.

Housing is also another priority and as local councils are now short of money. What a lot they could do with a big bonus.

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It looks as if things are at last progressing in Sidmouth. Well done.

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Dartington, South Devon