Pub “tragedy”

SIR - The Old Ship Inn. What a tragedy! I write as a regular customer and quizmaster for the pub’s weekly winter quiz evening.

My ‘quizees’ (who have, over the past three years, become an over 50 strong ‘Club’) always knew that the pub was on the market and realised that a new landlord might not want us and we would, therefore, have to relocate elsewhere.

But the Old ship Inn becoming a coffee shop beggars belief!

It can be argued that there are already too many retail coffee outlets in Sidmouth and that there are too many pubs!

But, to lose THE one pub with such a unique character (to say nothing of its excellent food) is so regrettable – particularly as it is greatly admired by tourists who always ‘come back again’.

Sidmouth will lose one of its most valuable tourist attractions.

Businessman, Mr James Witty, will have a lot to answer for. He will certainly not be a candidate for Sidmouth Citizen of the year!

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As a pub, it is financially ‘worse than breaking even’. How many shoppers will pay Costa’s inflated prices throughout the long winter season?

Yours in sorrow.

Brian Websdale

Station Road, Sidmouth