Question of car park lingers

SIR - While I have no wish to make this an ongoing battle of words, I think that I need to respond to Duncan Hall’s letter of September 30.

I am pleased to read of intended plans to improve access for disabled patients. Nevertheless, a few car spaces will not cater for the needs of those who, while not registered disabled, sometimes experience difficulty in walking from the Ham car park. In view of the large proportion of elderly in the town, not to mention parents with children, it seems perverse to eliminate the sole car park at the top end of the High Street. Parking can be a nightmare at times. The proposal would make it worse.

As I hinted twice in my original letter, there seems to have been no attempt at ticketing the car park, to reduce its misuse.

We all realise that the Health Centre needs updating and that the staff do a tremendous job under trying conditions, but removing the only public car park at that end of the town merely shifts the problem onto other shoulders.

Rev Jean Wadsworth