Question of double standards?

Sir - I was annoyed to see that last Friday (July13) a French market had been allowed on Council-owned land at The Ham.

Some 10 years ago it was suggested to the town council that a farmers market be held in Sidmouth to help our beleagured farmers.

This was quickly dismissed as not favourable to local shops. Why then are French producers allowed to come and sell their food and craft when we have such good food produced in Devon and extremely gifted craftsmen? Answers please.

Our farmers are struggling, they have had to cope with Foot and Mouth, bovine TB, EU bureaucracy and lately appalling weather. Now dairy farmers have been informed they will receive 5p less for their litre of milk which is 5p less than the cost of production..

No wonder we have lost so many dairy farmers over the last 10 years and at a time when we need more as the population in the country rises every year.

We should all be supporting our farmers who are vital as we need to increase our food production at a time when we only produce 57 per cent of what is needed .

How many more farmers will we lose because of poor financial return and bureaucracy?

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So please buy local food when you can and certainly be more discerning about buying food which has travelled thousands of miles. Look for the tractor logo or British flag on produce.

I certainly only accept food grown somewhere in the UK if local is unavailable. The only food from abroad I will accept are bananas, tea and coffee.

Our farmers and countryside need your support as never before.

Mrs Claire Crouch

16 Cottington Court